Week 36



We live in a world full of choices. Just go to Zalando or Netflix. It’s no joke that choosing a movie or series to watch takes longer than actually watching it. There are also many decisions to be made at work. Should I stop working on this project? Should I write an email already? And so on and so forth. I expected this week to be rich in data.

Data gathering:
I used a proven system. I set up notifications on my phone every hour (except during the night) and wrote down every moment of indecision. Over time, five categories clarified. My indecision was related to:

  • creative work (e.g. details of graphic designs)
  • food (when and what to eat?)
  • relationships (should I write / call?)
  • hygiene and clothing (what to wear, when to take shower?)
  • related to shopping (browsing offers, reading reviews).

Data drawing:
I gathered quite a lot of data. I have written down over 130 moments of indecision. While drawing the postcard, I had four different ideas. Ultimately, I decided to choose the artistic vision, which shows the diversity of my indecision moments. I had both important dilemmas (e.g. related to buying a new car) and trivial ones (e.g. what font to choose in advertising graphics). Ultimately, I mixed all data together. I hope that my postcard clearly shows that life is not simple and black and white.

Klaudia’s postcard:

Having children must be like having an extra job. I don’t have children myself, but Klaudia’s postcard clearly shows it. I like the everyday labyrinths. They illustrate well the subject of indecision. I am sure that Klaudia’s knowledge and experience play the role of Ariadne’s threads 🙂

The process:


I was curious to see what this week would bring. Even though I hesitate a lot, my goal is to ensure that as many repetitive and trivial activities as possible in my life happen automatically. In this way, I do not have to remember about them and I spare energy to solve more interesting problems.

Data gathering:
The idea of detailed data collection terrified me, as I expected a tough week at work. I decided not to interrupt my focus with regular writing down of all hesitation moments. I just sat every evening and remembered all (or at least the majority of) major and minor decisions that I had to make during the day.

Data drawing:
Initially, I had absolutely no idea how to present my indecision mishmash. After analyzing the data and breaking it down into topics, I observed that some decisions were interesting and thought provoking, while others were trivial or just boring. I decided to use this additional data layer.

On top of that, I wanted to show in my postcard that each day is a sequence of decisions.

And that’s how my postcard was created. I am not entirely satisfied with the outcome, but at least I tried something new 🙂

Jakub’s postcard:

It’s easy to see that Jakub collected data every hour, and I only collected data only once a day – he managed to save over 50 more records than I did 😉 

This postcard makes me think of sea waves. Moments of hesitation come and go like ebbs and flows. As soon as we deal with one problem, another one comes.

The process: