Week 46



I read a few books a year, usually within 2-3 months, and then the enthusiasm wears off. This topic was a good opportunity to dig deeper into my reading preferences, especially since I regularly collect data about books.

Data gathering:
I have been running an online journal for the past 12 years, where I write down every book I read. To this list I also added books that I have read since 1998, when I was only 11 years old.

Data drawing:
In the bubble chart I presented in chronological order the yearly number of books I had read from 1998 to today. I have also marked the book titles that influenced me most.

Klaudia’s postcard:

I have always dreamed of a large library and I am sure there will be one in my future home, even though I am a minimalist. I think that Klaudia’s 313 books can be considered an extensive collection. I am a bit jealous and I am sure that most of the books have been read. I like this postcard very much.

The process:


Books are one of my favorite topics in the world. I read a lot, even too much… It is only June  and I have already read about 30 books this year, mainly novels, non-fiction, personal growth books and a few detective stories. The result is probably so good because in 2021 I decided not to watch any series and watch films only when I am accompanied by someone else. As a result, paper books, ebooks and audiobooks are one of the few forms of entertainment for me. 

I greatly appreciate all the other worlds I visit thanks to literature.

Data gathering:
One of the places in my apartment that I like the most is the bookshelf. Books make the best interior design in my opinion. 

This week I decided to count my collection of books, broken down by language (did I mention that in my youth I had a passion for foreign languages?).

Unfortunately, for several years my “stationary” library has been expanding rather slowly, because nowadays I usually buy or rent ebooks and audiobooks.

Data drawing:
I aimed for a simple graphic that would resemble my library. I think it worked! The white places are still waiting to be filled with new books 🙂

Jakub’s postcard:

I am glad that I could get to know Jakub’s reading taste. I share a great deal of respect for Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow”.

The process: