Week 43

“trying new things”


I like trying new things. Even in my youth I experimented with controversial fashion or crazy hitchhiking trips. I approached this topic with curiosity, because recently my life has been very schematic, especially when looked at from a one week perspective..

Data gathering:
At the end of each day, I would write down one or two things that were new to me. This is how my short list was created.

Data drawing:
I thought that I would try something new while drawing this postcard (a brush pen) and this is how my pseudo-calligraphy was born 🙂

Klaudia’s postcard:

Klaudia’s postcard touches on much more serious topics than mine 🙂 I am very happy that this week was revealing for her and resulted in new resolutions regarding the comfort zone.

The process:


The subject seems to have been created for me. I love novelties. New projects, new challenges, new discussions help me grow and allow me to move forward. It mainly applies to my work in NGO and data visualization. Whenever I am bored or become settled in a well-known situation, I look for new ways of doing things.

However, I have never before examined “new things” in a systematic way. I was looking forward to this week and… I was right. I have found that classifying new things happening in my life into those that I do effortlessly and those that scare me a little bit, is very refreshing and useful. Moreover, I want to introduce this division into my weekly and quarterly planning. I would like to do at least one or two things outside of my comfort zone each week

Data gathering:
I wrote down all the big and small novelties on an ongoing basis, starting with tasting a new type of coffee (flat white at McDrive), through morning walks around the city, and ending with sending a super-important email at work, for which I had been preparing for a long time with my colleagues.

Data drawing:
I looked at my data and at first glance I noticed that some records were trivial (tasting a new herring type :-)), and others were some kind of milestones for which I had to prepare, think intensively and have discussions with others.

As I thought about how to show the data, I remembered one of the well-known development diagrams. According to this graph, we learn when we leave the so-called comfort zone and push our limits. I agree with it and I used this concept.

Jakub’s postcard:

I really appreciate that Jakub treated the postcard as an opportunity to try something new.

By the way, one item on my list is similar to black turnip juice – I tried pickled beetroot juice (yummy!).

The process: